AMZ Hospital Ltd. At AMZ Hospital, North Badda, the country’s renowned specialists in Gynecology, Infertility, Reproductive Medicine, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery and Obstetrics provide pain-free normal delivery and precision treatment and surgery for all gynecological and obstetrical diseases.

The Department offers specialty care in the fields of:

  • Providing services to all female patients including pregnant women Medical certificate is provided
  • Food charts and vaccinations of pregnant women are provided to pregnant women to keep the other and baby healthy during pregnancy 
  • All facilities and doctors for normal delivery. Normal delivery is done as per advice.
  • All breast diseases of women are treated and advised.
  • Infertility is treated and counseled 
  • Ectopic Pregnancy patients through medication Services are provided primary. 
  • Uterine diseases are treated with surgery 
  • D. And .C operation is done
  • Caesarean operation is performed
  • Infertility is treated, IUI and IVF are done


All types of operations

  • Ectopic Pregnancy is operated 
  • Ovarian Cyst is operated
  • Overian Tumor is operated
  • Chocolate Cyst operation is done
  • Haemorrhagic Cyst is operated
  • Fibroid Uterus is operated
  • Diagnostic Laparoscopy and PRP Therapy is given in Overy of the patient
  • Inside the uterus through hysteroscopy.